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Well Organized Closet

Meet Whitney

Certified Kon Mari Consultant

Organization Enthusiast & Expert

Don't stress your mess.

Let Whitney handle it. 

My wits’ end is a place I’ve been. Haven’t we all? Here, I hope to add levity and laughter while helping lead you back to a place of composure, preparation, and a life that sparks joy for YOU! After all, it is YOUR life.

I am a mother to two precious little ones who love to make a good mess....


What I Specialize In

* storage supplies not included.
  • Clothes and more- Finding the perfect spot makes all the difference!

    4 hr

    350 US dollars
  • Items stored in a "home" spot are easier to find so lets do it!

    4 hr

    350 US dollars
  • If it brings you joy- keep it & store it correctly! 1:1 Consulting

    4 hr

  • Seems like all things end up in the garage. That's a mess. For now...

    8 hr

Well Organized Closet

"Tidying is a dialogue with one's self."

-Marie Kondo


"Whit is a wonderful person and an amazing resource to help unlock your personal efficiency potential at home or work! Don't wait until you're at your Whit's End!"

- Paul K.

"I absolutely recommend, Whit’s End!! It was therapeutic on so many levels!! I not only gained an organized closet, but I gained a new friend who I already love and trust. The service, the timeliness, the ease, the excitement, the whole experience...everything was positive and so refreshing!! Thank you, Whit’s End!!"

- Tansil S.

"The way we see our home affects us physically and mentally. Yet we loathe being judged so much we sometimes let things stay less than ideal.

Whit's End is that non-judgmental friendly voice and guide that helps you find your home balance and your home joy!!"

- Stephanie H.

Organization Enthusiast & Expert


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